Randy Krum is the President of InfoNewt and author of the Cool Infographics blog.  Here he shares design tips and behind the scenes information about designing infographics.

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Interviewed on Visual Loop

Last year I was interviewed about infographics design and starting InfoNewt by Tiago Veloso on Visual Loop.

The interview covered the explosive growth of infographics in the past few years, the birth of InfoNewt as an infographics design company and the importance of Social Media to infographic promotion.

In the interview I also outline three major challenges for infographic designers when working with clients:

1) Telling a Story

2) Defining the Key Message

3) Minimizing the Text

Thanks to Tiago and I highly recommend adding Visual Loop to the list of infographics sites you should follow.



Why Does InfoNewt Need a Blog?

I also author and publish the Cool Infographics blog, which highlights cool infographic and data visualization designs from designers all over the world.  Occassionally, I publish designs from InfoNewt, but I've been running the CI blog for a lot longer than InfoNewt has been around as a design company.  Part of the success of the CI blog is that it isn't company specific or meant as a company portfolio like some of the other infographic blogs out there.

I think it's finally time to start an InfoNewt-specific blog.  Here, I'll have the opprtunity to post more details about the work that InfoNewt does with clients, thoughts around the InfoNewt business, behind-the-scenes information about different design projects and even some tutorial information about how we design great infographics.

So, welcome to the new InfoNewt blog!