What can InfoNewt do to help support you?

At InfoNewt, our main focus is telling visual stories with data visualization and infographics design.  About half of our work are the public, online, Marketing-style infographics that are shared on the Web, and the other half is designing visuals for confidential, internal use by companies (Board Meetings, business plans, sales presentations, visual explanations, budgets, sales numbers, annual reports, posters, internal communications, consumer research data, competitive assessments, and more). 


Data Visualizations

InfoNewt can create separate, stand-alone data visualizations, charts, diagrams, or graphics for you to use in newsletters, presentations, brochures, emails, reports or blog posts.  Data visualizations can be based on research data, website traffic data, business processes, stand-alone statistics, business financials, sales metrics, visual explanations or anything you are trying to communicate to your audience.


Infographics Design

Infographics combine data visualization, illustration, icons, text and images together to tell a complete story.  

InfoNewt can design a complete infographic for you using our internal design process.  Our normal process is to start with the data and information available, create a wireframe storyboard to map the information flow, provide you with a handful of initial rough design concepts, collaborate with you to choose a design direction and then complete the design of the final infographic with a few rounds of review and feedback. We're always here to make any future revisions you need.


Infographics Publishing, Promotion & SEO

InfoNewt provides a visual, Infographic Release Strategy template (an infographic itself) to all design clients when they're ready to release the infographic on the Web to help them maximize the exposure they get from releasing the infographic.  

In addition, we also offer additional consulting to walk clients through the process in detail, research influential sites to contact and help with the outreach plan for your infographic if you want that level of support.


Presentation Design

In additional to the data visualizations, InfoNewt can design your complete presentation using PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi.  We use the best practices from visual communication and infographic design to create a presentation that stands out and communicates clearly.  Slide layout, animated transitions, speaker notes and background visuals.


Social Media Graphics

Social media graphics are used in many content marking campaigns as small, bite-sized snippets of information. They communicate a message very quickly to audiences, and need to be custom designed for each of the different social media platforms. These can be stand alone designs, or thumbnails from a larger marketing campaign.


Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Randy frequently speaks at conferences, industry organizations, company events and private meetings about visual communication, good data visualization design, why infographics work, infographic design tips, software tools, and the SEO of infographics. In addition to teaching courses at Southern Methodist University (SMU), Randy teaches private workshops covering data visualization design best practices (with hands-on exercises in Excel and PowerPoint), and infographics design, publishing, promotion, outreach and tracking.

Contact us about your event.


Infographic Resume Design

Help your resume break out of the pile and get noticed.  Infographic resumes make the information about you easier to understand and more memorable, and the popularity of infographic resumes is growing quickly.  I maintain a gallery of all the infographic resumes I find online here on Pinterest for inspiration and ideas.

Let InfoNewt help craft a custom visual story about YOU.