A Christmas Example of Online Lifespan


The History of Christmas Tradition, Balsam Hill

Online Lifespan is the length of time that a particular infographic design will remain relevant and interesting to readers.  It takes the same amount of effort to research and design an infographic about a hot, trending news topic as it does to design a more general, informational topic; however, the client will get much more value from a design with a long Online Lifespan that will generate traffic and links for years.

The History of Christmas Tradition designed for Balsam Hill is a design with a long Online Lifespan.  The design is a multi-tiered timeline that covers the history of Christmas over hundreds of years, and even though the most recent event is from 2007, the history will be "relevant and interesting" to readers for years to come.  In fact, it should drive new traffic in the month of December every year, which is fantastic for a company that sells Christmas trees!