3 Infographic Design Tips - Guest post on ShutterStock


3 Design Tips From an Infographic Pro

Earlier this week I collaborated on a guest blog post over on the ShutterStock Blog with a few infographic design tips for anyone that wants to design their own infographic.  I was very happy to work with ShutterStock, since stock vector art plays such a big role in infographic design.

The main point of the article was:

Your designs might be an infographic resume, an infographic business plan, a meeting handout, a presentation slide, an online marketing infographic or a personal design experiment just for fun. The key is that you want your infographic design to be visually engaging because that is what makes infographics worth sharing.

Too many infographic designers get stuck designing art, and pay less attention to the overall story. Infographic design is not about being artistic, it's about story-telling with data and information.

You can read the complete article here, but I'll give you a preview that the three main design tips focused on: 

Keep It Clear - Don't make "Chart Junk"

Be Iconic - Use simpler images to tell a clear story

Know the Rules - Beware of copyright and trademark rules

Let me know what you think in the comments (either here or on the article page).