State of Search 2013 Presentation Links

Had a great time at the State of Search conference in Dallas, TX yesterday!  Below is a quick rundown of the talks and links to the presentation slides that were shared publicly on Twitter.  If any additional presentations are shared, I'll add them to the list.  Just Tweet me @rtkrum

Opening Keynote: 

Rand Fishkin, Moz, @randfish

Building Great Digital Marketing Teams


SEO Track:

Wil Reynolds, SEER Interactive, @WilReynolds

Selling #RCS to Your Boss: Creating, Pitching, and Analyzing Impact


Derek Mabie, Evolve Digital Labs, @DerekMabie

What a Difference a Year Makes: Search Strategies, TED Talks, and Tactics


Ruth Burr, Moz, @ruthburr

Metrics to Show Your CEO


Brittan Bright, Independent Consultant & Trainer, @BrittanBright

How to Overcome Corporate Politics


Mike Arnesen, SwellPath, @Mike_Arnesen

E-Commerce SEO


Jon Cooper, Point Blank SEO, @PointBlankSEO

E-Commerce Link Building


Eric Enge, Stone Temple Consulting, @stonetemple

Social Media and SEO


Zeph Snapp, Not Just SEO, @ZephSnapp

Using Personas to Help With Outreach


John Doherty, Hotpads, @DohertyJF

Build Your Marketing Funne: From Search to Conversion to Lifelong Customer


Mack Fogelson, Mack Web Solutions, @MackFogelson

Content With Purpose: From Search to Conversion to Lifelong Customer


Local Track:

Bill Hartzer, Globe Runner SEO, @BHartzer

Local in 2013: Recent Updates & New Stratergies


Andrew Shotland, Local SEO Guide, @localseoguide

Local Search in 2013


Dana DiTomaso, Kick Point, @DanaDiTomaso

Local SEO is for Everyone


Paula Keller, Search Influence, @paulalmkeller

Surviving & Thriving in Local Search


Brian Combs, Ionidas Local, @BrianPCombs

Working the Review System


Chris Silver Smith, Argent Media, @Si1very

Semantic Markup for Local


Kane Jamison, Content Harmony, @KaneJamison

Data-Based Content Marketing


Bryan Eisenberg, Eisenberg Holdings, @TheGrok

How to Leverage Data to Rock the Customer Experience


Christine Churchill, Key Relevance, @ChrisChurchill

Keyword Planner and Not Provided


Bill Leake, Apogee Results, @Marketing_Bill

Avoiding Search Marketing Malpractice


Paid Track:

Elizabeth Marsten, Portent, @ebkendo

What PPC Can Steal from SEO


Susan Wenograd, Garden Ridge Corp. HQ, @SusanEDub

3 Awesome PPC Reports


John Lee, Clix Marketing, @John_A_Lee

Social Paid Ads


Michael Edwards, OPM, @OPMAgency

Adwords Remarketing


Andrew Goodman, Page Zero Media, @Andrew_Goodman

Efficient PPC Management Through Automation


Steve Hammer, RankHammer, @ArmondHammer

Efficient PPC Management Through Automation


Aaron Levy, SEER Interactive, @BigALittlea

Organization for Enhanced PPC Management


Kevin Lee, Didit, @Kevin_Lee_QED

Winning at PPC in a Hyper-Competitive Market

Attendees must request the presentation by DM on Twitter


Christi Olson, Expedia, @ChristiJOlson

Enterprise Paid Search Marketing


Matt Van Wagner, Find Me Faster, @mvanwagner

Creating Display Campaigns


Social Track:

Brent Csutoras, Kairay Media, @BrentCsutoras

What’s Snoo With Reddit


Jabez Lebret, Get Noticed Get Found, @JabezLebret

Black Hat LinkedIn Strategies for World Domination


Marty Weintraub, Aim Clear, @aimclear

Paid Social Ads for Content Marketing


Dennis Yu, BlitzMetrics, @DennisYu

The Most Ridiculous Things You SHOULD do on Facebook


Mike Orren, Speakeasy, @MikeOrren

Yin and Yang: Why Social Needs Search (and Search Needs Social)


Rob Garner, Advice Interactive Group, @RobGarner

Optimizing Google+, Google Glass and Google Now


Randall Turner, Advice Interactive Group, @RandallsAdvice

Social Media Strategy: Strategically Defining Your Social Media Tactics


Matt Siltala, Avalaunch Media, @Matt_Siltala

Cultural Shift in Marketing


Lena West, Influence Expansion, @LenaWest

Wordless Wednesdays: How to Swaggerjack the Power of Visual Memes


Michael Stancil, Buzzshift, @STNC

Beyond the Pin: Building Your Own Brand With Pinterest


Closing Keynote:

Duane Forrester, Microsoft Bing, @DuaneForrester

The Web Of Things: State Of Search 2013